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Apple iPhone 5, 6, 6 Plus Tempered Glass Screen Protector - New Product Launch

PRO-GLASS-4 For anyone who's ever suffered a cracked screen, our toughened tempered Glass Screen Protector is the obvious choice in high-end screen protection for your iPhone 5, 5C and 5S. The tempered glass amazed us when we evaluated it.

We love it because this super slim 0.33mm screen protector has super tough 9H hardness, meaning it's virtually impossible to scratch. The silicone-based base layer bonds tight to the phone without adhesive, meaning it virtually applies itself and never any bubbles when applied (a huge bonus for anyone who's ever applied and reapplied a sticker screen protector).

The tempered glass screen protector's multi-layer construction has smooth rounded edges around the perimeter and speaker/home key openings for a feel that's just like your own iPhone's screen - but infinitely more protective.

This is the next-generation in screen protectors, as it is not only self-applying in seconds (without any bubbles) but also has oleo phobic (oil resistant) coating for reduced fingerprints and a smoother feel. Overall, this screen protector is the answer for anyone who's nervous about a cracked screen, and wants stunning high-definition clarity with no noticeable screen distortion.

Check out the video below that shows you just how tough this Tempered Glass really is:-

We have a special loss leading launch price offer on these screen protectors of only £1.99 including post and packing. This is amazing value and will be only on for a limited time until the product reaches the first page on eBay search rankings, so take advantage today.

Check out our eBay listing for iPhone 5 Tempered Glass here.

Check out our eBay listing for iPhone 6 Tempered Glass here.

Check out our eBay listing for iPhone 6 Plus Tempered Glass here.


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