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Website News

  • Laptop Fans and Laptop DC Jacks now live on Power4Laptops!!

    As many of our customers already know, we have been selling Laptop Fans and Laptop DC Jacks for quite a while on eBay and Amazon, but up until recently we hadn't sold them on our website. Earlier this week, we launched both product ranges on our website at cheaper prices than both eBay and Amazon. So if you are in the market for a new Fan or DC Jack for your laptop, get in there and grab yourself a bargain!!

  • The dangers of buying an original charger

    One of the most common questions we get at Power4laptops is "Do you sell original chargers?". We don't sell the original ones for a couple of reasons.

    The first thing is the cost. Even at the cheaper end, the original brand chargers tend to retail about £40 - £50 which is way more expensive than our own Power4Laptops chargers.

    The second reason is the market is absolutely flooded with fake counterfeit chargers. These chargers will look exactly like your original one, but these fake chargers don't meet UK safety regulations and can lead to fires and electric shocks. So we didn't want to have to compete against someone selling a so called original brand charger for £7.99 on eBay or Amazon when in reality the charger they are selling is fake.

    On the outside, the differences between a fake charger and a genuine charger are getting harder to spot as the counterfeiters use better techniques. The real difference is on the inside. Cheaper components are used and many will have lumps of metal taped inside the casing to make them feel heavier.

    Power4laptops branded chargers use high quality components from reputable suppliers. They are CE certified and have been tested in the UK to ensure they meet UK Safety Regulations.

    Our advice, if you still want to buy an original laptop charger, is only to purchase one direct from the manufacturer as the majority of websites offering branded chargers are selling fakes.

  • How to buy a Laptop Charger

    At Power4Laptops we have a massive range of chargers on the site. At the last count we had chargers to fit over 129,000 models of laptop. But what if you can't find your model of laptop on the site?

    The easiest way to help us find your charger is to fill in the Help Finding a Charger form. The form just asks for some details about your laptop, such as Manufacturer, Model, Input Voltage, Input Amperage.

    Most of the information can be found on the label underneath the laptop, often in really small writing. The Input Voltage will read something like **V e.g 19V. The Input Amperage will be something like ***A e.g 3.42A. On HP laptops this information can be sometimes found underneath the battery compartment.

    After you have filled in the form we will normally contact you the next business day with a link to a listing so you can buy the correct charger straight away. If we have trouble determining which type of charger you need we may ask for a close up picture of the plug on your old charger or the power socket at the back of your laptop. This helps us find the correct plug size as some manufacturers use different plug sizes.

    Don't forget to use our latest discount code "5%OFF" when purchasing your new charger. Just type the code in the discount box, when you checkout.

  • Welcome to ADC Internet Deals

    Just a quick post to say that we have recently upgraded our website and we'll be rolling out more changes in the next few weeks. The website features over 250,000 laptop chargers and you can locate your charger here by using the product finder.


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